Random Acts of Thought

Oh hey. My name is Alaina Nicole!
I currently live in the midwest, good ole Omaha, Nebraska.
I'm a fresh graphic designer & illustrator. I also finally have a full time job as a graphic artist, with Corporate Creations. So, I love art! My life is full of random acts of thought, art, crazy shit, and therefore so is my blog. Feel free to msg, peace.

Back from the ded. ha. 

11 texts I probably shouldn’t have sent you (via extrasad)

(via nostalgicallly)

1. I bit my lip so hard I started bleeding. I miss the way you used to do that to me

2. You asked me to run away with you and then left without me. What the fuck

3. I tore myself apart trying to get you out of my veins

4. I cut myself on your teeth

5. I played your favorite song on repeat until there was nothing left inside me

6. I’m falling apart and I know you love it

7. I haven’t eaten in days, everything tastes like you

8. I wonder if breaking every bone in my body would hurt as much as this

9. Remember when you loved me? I can’t forget it

10. I’m a mess I hope you’re worried

11. I found your old polaroid camera in the back of my closet, I’m gonna take it outside and smash it with a hammer

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